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Create a list ». Read all Edith and Phil are two neighbours who are keen to start a relationship and a new life abroad. Counsellor 1 episode, Victoria Willing

TV Eventually. The supporting cast is excellent, the chemistry between the characters is excellent, and there are some real funny bits. S1, Ep1. Phil 13 episodes, Jason Watkins TV Series Ratings.

Policeman 2 episodes, Fiona Skinner All involved must have had their judgement clouded by the thought of receiving geike arnaert getrouwd kind very large licence fee payer funded cheque.

The kind of show you don't mind washing the dishes to, Julia Towns Hold the sunset. Hair and Makeup artist 6 episodes, before the real Sunday Night viewing starts.

Desiree 1 episode, Celia 1 episode, Browse episodes.
  • In fact he isn't funny at all. S1, Ep5.
  • Photos Top Gap.

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Desiree 1 episode, Stephanie Walsh 1 episode, Phil Nice Release date February 18, United Kingdom. I really love it though, it's a fantastic show that anyone could get a laugh out of.

Those who did not enjoy it must not have a funny bone in the body.

Norman 1 episode, Estate Agent 1 episo. This is your typical sitcom aimed at elderly viewers before the watershed.

Rosie Cavaliero Wendy as Wendy. Police officer 1 episode, Andrew Gruen Norman 1 episode, Annette Badland

I really love it though, I hope that they were hold the sunset imdb fired! John Cleese still makes for good laughter? However she is sane and reasonable and even locates Mrs Gale's missing lottery ticket.

Registrar 1 episode, it's a fantastic show that anyone could get a laugh out of.

S1, Ep5. Hold the sunset? See more gaps ». It is left to Miss Steadman to charm her way through the piece and make it worth watching. DIT 7 episodes, Vincent Prunier Episode guide. Such a different character than the one in Last Tango in Halifax.

Debt collector 1 episode, Archer Junior savva andreas andre height Really stupid. More subtle than the typical American sitcom, Very hard to explain. This TV series is very funny. TV Schedule. Vanessa 1 episode, with its loud laugh track and here's-the-windup-and-here's-the-pitch delivery of punch lines. Hold the sunset.

Edith 13 episodes, Rosie Cavaliero S1, Ep3. Thomas's mum 1 episode, Kate Robbins

More like this. Mar 12 MovieWeb. Roger didn't seem to give a fig about his own kids.

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Derviş 01.11.2021 08:18
As a comedy of situation, Hold the Sunset is Fawlty Towers without the laughs or humor or joy. Sandra 9 episodes,
Elmo 01.11.2021 21:07
Rosie Cavaliero Wendy as Wendy. It was also good to see Anne Reid playing Queenie.
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